People Helping People, 1 show at at time!
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We are People Helping People!

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Shpongle's First Red Rocks Appearance!

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Our Mission

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“To provide the total show experience through integrating community outreach efforts, creative conceptions, and the best music around. We promote more than shows, we promote People Helping People.”


Feed the Rocks 2014


Countdown until Feed the Rocks 2014!


Feed the Rocks 2013 Recap

Testimonials & Experiences

"At least two sets of the biscuits and Orchard Lounge and I will fly out from Pennsylvania. Fuck it I will fly out if the biscuits play at all."

-Shwilly Burrows
"Feed the Rocks is an Earth Day Event to remember."

-Westword Street
"This was my first Red Rocks show, I had an awesome time and met some really cool people. Thanks for the great vibes.. I hope to be back soon!"

-Jordan Alvarado
"Came from albany new york it was an amazing weekend thanks so much."

-CodyBear Getz
"About to head down from Minneapolis!!"

-Chris Adams
"This goin to be DOPE!!!!"

-Captiin Elfshoes 
"Awesome line up would love to attend and dance my butt off."

-Katherine Vail Super
"Such an awesome show. Do you know where we can see pictures from it?"

-Anna Meihaus
"Awesome show; those rocks were really hungry."

-Vincenzo Misiti
So proud, our friends have done an amazing job, Feed The Rocks is today at the greatest venue in the world: Red Rocks Amphitheatre. To all those attending, I hope you have a great time and be safe."

-Barry Fey

"OH WOW! This is gonna be HOT! Go see this peeps. Shpongle is out of control!!"

"Ahhh this is gonna be AWESOME."

-Bryce Bullard 
"Feed me some rawks!!!!!"

-Juwan Dusseldorf
"Very cool show coming up on April 27th for Feed The Rocks featuring our friends @thediscobiscuits, @Shpongle and @rjd2...all at Red Rocks!!"

-MCP Presents
"Had a blast!!! Thank you!"

-Derek Wilson
"Been waiting for toooo long for shpongle to come to da rocks, fantastic line up!"

-Talia Hernandez
"Getting Shpongled for Earth Day? Hell yesss."

-Mae Lurieॐ ‏
"I'll follow you into the dark Feed the Rocks :)"

-Megan Early

"Red Rocks on April 27 with @thedisco_biscuits, @therealshpongle and @rjd2, first ever #FeedTheRocks Benefit for Denver parks and Rec #Bisco"

-Marc Brownstein
"I think i just shit myself."

-Riche El
"very excited! first RR show."

"Shpongle meeee."

-Courtney Goerlitz
"Killed it- such an awesome weekend."

-Melissa Shea
"I'm comin to colorado for my first time for this."

-Peter Rosasco
"Right on! I cannot wait for this! It is gonna be epic! Love the Disco Biscuits! Gonna rage it up real good!"

-Andrew Brewster
"Barry Shaped Red Rocks his memory will always be with as we come together @ The rocks."

-Charles Erle

Sooo excited to go to Feed The Rocks with my girl Jenzie Zanandrie. Best surprise ever. RJD2 and Shpongle (Simon Posford). Shits about to get rowdy."

-Damian Poole
" It's my earthdaybirthday can't wait for feed the rocks!"

-Kendra Leseberg
"Beautiful poster!"

-Tucker Randolph Jaxtheimer 
"Excited for my first Red Rocks experience. Cya in April. @FeedTheRocks."

-Lauren King
"You are me and I am youuuu ill always be with you :::) @therealshpongle can't wait for Feed The Rocks!"

-Jerica Edgar
"Disco Biscuits at Feed The Rocks?! Count me in."

-Jeff Slaughter 
"We will feed them biscuits and they will love it!"

-Matt Russell 
"This Saturday will mark my first ever performance at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre and I couldn't be more excited!"

"Colorado is my home and from my experience, concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre have a powerful energy that comes from the gorgeous rocks rising up into the air, the stars shining down on all of us, and so many vibrant people creating and experiencing something together; it's incredibly soulful & I love it."

-Heather Boronski
"This lineup is ridiculous!"

-Holland Byrd
"Feed the Rocks was Amazing, thanks PHP!"

-Summer Hatton
"DAMN look at this lineup for Feed The Rocks. Good cause, great lineup."

-Rage Colorado 
"Fuck yes!!! This is going to be so dope!!! Stoked!!!"

-Ehren Wright
"Such an awesome lineup!!"

-Melanie Horton
"@Feedtherocks, thanks for the kind words! #feedtherocks is one of those events that feels good to partake in. Good looks!! #love #coparkrec."

-The Magic Beans
"I'm traveling from Chicago to see Shpongle and will lose my mind if /when he plays Dorset Perception."

-Katie Beberman
"I would love to see everyone on this line-up, nothing but good music already listed! Mostly I would like to see RJD2, but regardless ill be excited to see everyone, just as long as I get to experience the positive vibes with my Colorado family! Much love!!!"

-Roman Kulwicki

Feeding People

  • People Helping People donated over 2,000 non-perishable food items to the Food Bank of the Rockies, through the 1st annual Feed the Rocks! THANK YOU all for your participation through our various food drives.

Giving Back

  • Through Feed the Rocks, we were able to raise $500 for Denver Parks and Rec, donated through People Helping People.

Helping People

  • Three peoples lives were potentially saved from positive bone marrow donors at Red Rocks concerts last summer, one of those concerts being Feed the Rocks.